Some Optics Examples

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Optics Software

If you are interested in learning about optics, there is an educational version of optics software available from

To quote their site:


OSLO-EDU is a free Windows program with a reduced number of features compared to OSLO Light. It also restricts you to working with systems that have up to, or including, 10 surfaces. Although OSLO-EDU does not include all the capabilities of OSLO Light, Standard or Premium, it does give you optical design power that exceeds many commercial programs. OSLO-EDU gives you the basic ability to lay out, edit, optimize, analyze, tolerance, and save a wide range of optical systems. OSLO-EDU is perfectly tailored for educational use.

From playing around with it, it should be useful for the DIY community and the ATM (Amateur Telescope Maker) communities. Be warned, download the manual and be prepared to spend some time learning to use this powerful tool.

Anamorphic lenses for DIY home theater

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Vertical compression (VC)

projector prism 5 deg BK7 VC v1.0.len

Example results projector prism 5 deg BK7 VC v1.0.len.jpg

Horizontal expansion (HE)

projector prism 5 deg BK7 HE v1.0.len

Example results projector prism 5 deg BK7 HE v1.0.len.jpg