How to Run WallWatcher (a logger for Linksys routers) as a Service under Windows XP Professional

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This information is also now available as a FAQ in the Linksys Forum FAQ at

If you are using WallWatcher as a logger program for a Linksys router on a Windows XP Professional system, you might want to consider running it as a service. The advantage is that if the computer is on, WallWatcher is running regardless of whether or not anyone is currently logged on the machine.

First, if you have not already done so, download WallWatcher from and install according to the instructions. WallWatcher needs to be properly installed before proceeding with these instructions.

Next download SRVStart.exe from and install the software. (One method is to simply copy files srvstart.exe and srvstart.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32. Also copy logger.dll, and msvcrt.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32. These latter two files are also available at

To install WallWatcher as a service, create an init file for the WallWatcher service. In my install, I created a directory at C:\SRVstart. Start the notepad editor and put the following text in it:

Save this file as C:\SRVstart\srvstart.ini. (Of course, this assumes that WallWatcher has been installed in the folder C:/program Files\WallWatcher, modify if your installation folder is different.)

Open a command window, (StartóRun, type in cmd and return) and type in the command

Next start the Services manager by typing the command services.msc in either a command window or StartóRun. There will now be a service entry for WallWatcher. Double click on the service entry for WallWatcher to edit its properties.

Change startup type to Automatic to allow the service to start when the computer starts up and click Apply. At this time, you can start the service by clicking the start button. Note under the Log On tab of the WallWatcher Properties window, do not check the box to allow it to interact with the desktop. This does not work if multiple users log on and off of the system. Instead, use Wall ReViewer to view the log file. To change WallWatcher settings and options, use the service manager to stop the WallWatcher service and then run WallWatcher as a normal application. Make whatever changes you desire, exit WallWatcher and use the Service manager to restart the service.

Important note for McAfee FireWall users: If you are using McAfee FireWall you need to have the FireWall start before the WallWatcher service. If not, the Firewall will block the desired packets since it will not recognize the program as running. To correct this, download and use SVC.exe (also from to add a dependency for the WallWatcher service on the McAfee FireWall service. From a command window, cd to the directory where the svc.exe program is and type svc.exe and return. See the following screen shot for the details on how to do this. Note, return accepts the current or default value.

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